Special Committees

Get involved even more by joining one of our special committees!


Membership and Welcoming
  • Chair Person, Executive Director: Sarrah Gigous
  • Members: Karen Arico, Christine Rutherford, Tracy Brookshier and Ruth Heffner


Special Events
  • Chair Person: Karen Arico
  • Members: Lindy Ankelman, Tracy Brookshier, Shellie Ligon


Bowling Green Downtown Revitalization
  • Chair Person: Tracy Brooksheir
  • Members: Mark Stottler, Len Scherder, Kyle Scherder, Erica & Adam Mitalovich, Elizabeth Kingsley, Cole Branstetter, Heather Stevens, Meredith Miller, Danielle Orf, Brittany Henke, Amber Grote, Sue Haley, Stan Schwartz & Allan Chandler.


Scholarship & Grant
  • Chair Person: Christine Rutherford
  • Members: Ruth Heffner, Elizabeth Kingsley, Jim Arico, Deanna Feldmann

Holly Jolly Festival
  • Chair Person: Deanna Feldmann
  • Members: Elizabeth Kingsley, Kyle Scherder, Mark Stottler, Cole Branstetter, Amber Grote, Tracy Brookshier


Champ Clark Heritage Festival
  • Chair Person, Executive Director: Sarrah Gigous
  • Members: Jim Arico, Karen Arico, Tracy Brookshier, Deanna Feldmann, Mark Stottler, Amber Grote, Kyle Scherder, Cole Branstetter, Christine Rutherford.

Annual Awards Banquet
  • Chair Person, 1st Vice President: Heather Stevens
  • Members: Meredith Miller, Tracy Brookshier, Jim Arico, Karen Arico, Lindy Ankelman.


Budget & Finance Committee (Board Members Only)
  • Chair Person, Treasurer: Elizabeth Kingsley
  • Members: Meredith Miller, Christine Rutherford, Kyle Scherder, Deanna Feldmann, Ruth Heffner
By-Law & Policy Committee (Board Members Only)
  • Chair Person, 2nd Vice President: Karen Arico
  • Members: Christine Rutherford, Deanna Feldmann