Special Committees

Get involved even more by joining one of our special committees!


Membership and Welcoming
  • Chair Person: Tracy Brookshier
  • Members: Ruth Heffner, Sarrah Gigous, Ann Tran

“The Membership and Welcoming Committee is focused on gaining new members, keeping current members excited to be here, and to make sure we are giving our warmest “WELCOME” to new businesses and individuals who make the move to Bowling Green. We develop our Membership Guide Brochures, our Members Only Sponsorship Opportunities Guide, and are working on more fun materials to promote our Chamber Members and recruit more!

We typically meet after the general Chamber meeting which is held the second Wednesday of each month, 12:00 noon at the Bowling Green Community Center (201 West Locust Street, Bowling Green, MO 63334). Our ultimate goal is to ensure that our members feel like they are getting what they pay for with their membership dues AND THEN SOME. It is exciting to get creative and come up with new, fun ways to keep our members and future members excited to, well….. BE MEMBERS!” – Tracy Brookshier



Special Events
  • Chair Person: Tracy Brookshier
  • Members: Mark Stottler, Ruth Heffner, Jim & Karen Arico, Sarrah Gigous

“The special events committee was created to think of new and exciting ways to organize fundraising events in the community to raise money for the chamber of commerce. Special events include Small Business Saturday and our Chamber Raffle.” – Tracy Brookshier



Bowling Green Downtown Revitalization
  • Chair Person: Tracy Brooksheir
  • Members: Marianne Everhart, Shelley Wiler, Erica & Adam Mitalovich, Danielle Orf, Brittany Henke, Amber Grote, & Allan Chandler.

“The Downtown Revitalization Committee is a part of the Bowling Green Chamber of Commerce with a special focus on the downtown area. We are working towards an overall goal of bringing life back to the square through community involvement, economic development, beautification projects, events and more. Our group was established in 2017 and we have had great success thus far. Our group meets on the first Thursday of each month, 5:00 p.m. at the Bowling Green Community Center (201 West Locust Street, Bowling Green, MO 63334). This is open to the public, there is no requirement to be a chamber member… although I encourage it! 😉  Make sure to LIKE us! : www.facebook.com/bgdowntownrevitalization Check out our Downtown Revitalization page here on the website for more information.” – Tracy Brookshier


Bowling Green High School Scholarship
  • Chair Person: Elizabeth Kingsley
  • Members: Ruth Heffner, Christine Rutherford

“The Chamber of Commerce is committed to the city of Bowling Green.   As part of that commitment, the chamber awards an annual scholarship to a Bowling Green High School graduating Senior.  Special fundraisers are held to generate funds to be solely given as scholarships.  We want to help make sure that all students have the opportunity to further their education, whether they choose to attend a VoTech school, 2 year college, or 4 year university.  Our hopes are that one day they will come back home to Bowling Green to further their careers.” – Elizabeth Kingsley


Holly Jolly Festival
  • Chair Person: Tracy Brookshier
  • Members: Tracy Brookshier, Marianne Everhart, Elizabeth Kingsley

“Holly Jolly Festival is a free family event to kick off the holiday season.  Join in the fun that includes live music, lighting of the Christmas lights, Santa, hot cocoa, cookies, living windows display contest and so much more. Follow us on facebook for the event information!” – Tracy Brookshier


Champ Clark Heritage Festival
  • Chair Person: Sarrah Gigous
  • Members: Marianne Everhart, Karen Arico, Jim Arico, Tracy Brookshier, Deanna Feldmann.

“The Champ Clark Heritage Festival is held annually in September. Our downtown square is shut down to traffic and fenced off so that we can bring the community numerous local food and craft vendors, a car and tractor show sponsored by the Bowling Green Lions Club, and fun things to do for the kids. It is all started beginning with a parade and ends with a beer garden and entertainment. You don;t want to miss this free event! If you are interested in volunteering or sponsoring the event check out our Champ Clark Heritage Festival event page tab here on the website!” – Sarrah Gigous