Amish Community

Just outside Bowling Green on rural Highways Y and M, lies a thriving Amish farming community.  This is a self-sufficient community of talented craftspeople, still carrying on the traditions passed down to them.  The Amish first settled in the area in 1948.  There are now approximately 65 families in this community. 

These families make up one of the more conservative sects of Amish. You'll find no tractors or use of rubber tires. Stationary gasoline or diesel engines are used for power.  Amish homes do not have indoor plumbing, electricity or telephones. They dress simply and without adornment. Amish men wear black broad brimmed hats and homemade clothing with hook and eyes rather than buttons for fasteners. These men wear trimmed beards but no mustaches.  The women wear prayer caps to remind them of their call to constant prayer. Farming is the primary form of livelihood using horse drawn equipment. 

It is against their beliefs to have their photo taken.  If you travel through their community, please honor their tradition.

Serious buyers are welcome. There are no Sunday sales.