Downtown Revitalization Committee Met 7/1/2021

Downtown Revitalization Committee Meeting

Thursday, July 1st, 2021 @ 5 p.m.

Next Meeting: Thursday, August 5th @ 5PM


In attendance were Tracy Brookshier, Christina Orf, Stan Swartz, Amber Grote & Rebecca Grummel

——————————————– PROJECTS ———————————————-

Benches on the square Project Lead: Brittany Henke, Tracy Brookshier

No new updates – NECC Building Trades class was working on 4 more planter/benches for us; unsure on a completion time as they no longer have an instructor. We already have 3 people ready to sponsor these.

Downtown Dream Project Project Lead: Tracy Brookshier

The lots that we have downtown have plans to create one large event/public space. It consists of multiple projects consisting of:

  • Downtown Market Place Chalets: Water and sewer hookup is in the works for blue chalet, anticipated to be done late june. Juice bar is working on getting ready, may be August before they open. Thanks to Ed Kerns Construction for donating the concrete and labor to set peirs for the red chalet and the new chalet that will be arriving the afternoon of 7/2.
  • Downtown Entrance Building: (no new updates) We discussed that we likely will not have the funds for this project for a while, with lumber prices continuing to rise. We accepted the bid to build this from Dempsey Construction. The estimated cost was less than $14,000.00 last year and we are sure it is more now. This will be the glorified entrance to our lot space. It will have event storage, ticket window, windows to display upcoming events and a breezeway full of plaques for our donors.
  • Liberty Theatre Stage: (No new updates).We are hoping to get this done fully through donations. The stage we are thinking will be a simple deck platform roughly 20’ x 16’ with a roof to use for entertainment. We have reached out to the Lions Club assistance. If you know of anyone interested in helping please let us know.
  • Concrete planters: We have a concrete planter agreement made up. It will be uploaded to the website when finalized. Any that our committee or the chamber puts out on “public grounds” will be sponsored for 4 years for $450 and we will manage everything. If there is a business within BG that wants one we are considering it a “private planter” which will cost $1,000.00. We will arrange the planter and post and the purchaser will be responsible for hauling and making it their own. We are also offering tiered pricing for the concrete planters alone for businesses/organizations outside of BG, they will be responsible for pick up and hauling as well. No post included. MURALS have started on the planters on our lots, Sheri Grote is anticipated to be complete before heritage festival. We are awaiting more posts from 3B to complete the ones at the courthouse.
  • Seating/Entertainment: (No new updates) We have requested picnic tables of some sort, new or gently used to place on the gravel portion of our lots. Cole Branstetter has reached out to some that may be willing to build us some.

In total these projects will cost us roughly $50,000.00 once complete. We will continue to do fundraisers until complete.

Bringing Interactive Art Downtown: Project Lead:

(No new updates) A couple businesses downtown have already had fun with this idea, we hope to have places to add these in the future.

Historical Walking Tour: Project Lead: Brittany Henke

(No new updates). Brittany has gathered a good amount of Bowling Green History for this project and we discussed getting the information on some sort of plaque to add to the planters that we are already working on in order to save money; the planters would then serve double duty!

—————————————- EVENTS/FUNDRAISERS ———————————–

Food Truck Fridays: Project Lead: Danielle Orf and Tracy Brookshier.

At this time, we have decided to offer food trucks to use our lot for serving food and just ask them for enough notice so that we can help promote them being there.

Shop-2-Win Downtown Punch Card Raffle: Project Lead: Tracy Brookshier, Brittany Henke

We did this again fall 2020, still only profited a small amount (around $100) but we feel we will continue each year as it gains interest.

Downtown Hoedown: Project Lead: Tracy Brookshier, Brittany Henke

Anyone willing to volunteer; we need assistance with set up, it will begin at 1pm on Friday July 9th. We could also use a few more to help during the event and with clean up after. Please let me know if you can help.


Champ Clark Heritage Festival/Paint the Street: Project Lead: Tracy Brookshier

No New updates – We have decided not to do a beer garden/concert this year. The few volunteers we had the last couple years doing it don’t have the energy as it made for an extremely exhausting day. Instead we are just going to continue with the Paint the Street event during the festival as it went over well the first year we did it. This year everyone will be open to paint during the designated time. There will be an entry fee and cash prizes again for votes taken via facebook. We have plenty of left over paint from the previous year, so we will only need to purchase brushes again.


————————————— OTHER BUSINESS —————————————–

Vacant buildings on the square Project Lead: Brittany Henke, Tracy Brookshier

New update as of 7/2/2021: We have found someone to help with registering our downtown buildings as historical sites. We are starting with the Pike County Genealogical Society & Museum. We will then work with building owners who may need assistance. This will be HUGE for our downtown as it will then open up many funding opportunities to these buildings for repairs and maintenance! YAY!

Old news: The old Peoples Tribune building is for sale by Jim Turner. There is an office space available to rent by Jim Wells right off the square. Bill Allen has been working on the Ben Franklin building and hopes to have 2 businesses open within it by the end of the year. We have not heard anything new from Mario on the old Dos Primos building. Chad Perkins is supposed to be getting us information regarding his available store front. Travis Dixon owns the building that is behind Ann Layne (next to Spring Hollow Coffee) and is hoping to have it ready to rent by this fall. I have not reached out to Spring Hollow lately for an update regarding their building remodel.

Grants Project Lead: Sarrah Gigous, Brittany Henke

(No new updates)We have been told that we have someone working on a grant for our committee that would potentially give us $6,000 to put towards our downtown marketplace projects! Keep your fingers crossed!

Tracy Brookshier – Chairperson – 314-971-5886

Next Meeting! Thursday, August 5th, 2020 @ 5PM


Find more meeting minutes on our DOWNTOWN PAGE.