Bankhead’s Candies

SINCE 1919, our chocolates retain all the best of the chocolate making craft. In our fast-paced, high-tech, automated world, it’s nice to know there’s still something made one at a time, with care. Unlike larger companies, we have resisted a mechanized approach, preferring instead to make each piece by hand, which requires skill and personal attention. Our ingredients are fresh, select and pure.

OUR CRAFT was begun by Thomas Jefferson Bankhead, a great-grandson of president Thomas Jefferson, and a prominent Bowling Green, Mo., restauranteer. As a sideline to his restaurant, the candy operation evolved, eventually growing to command his sole attention, as its reputation and enthusiasts spread. The candies are now — as they have always been — prepared in large copper kettles, poured onto a marble table and cut to perfection. Hand dipping each piece is a delicate craft that you can note as you view the individual artistry of each luscious creation, distinguishing our fine craft from other machine stamped candy.

BANKHEAD’S CANDIES has become a family tradition in many homes during the holidays, and family is very important to us. Four generations are involved in Bankhead’s Candies — so when you want to remind yourself or someone else of the days when our mothers and grand­mothers cooked up homemade candies in their kitchens, just open a box of Bankhead’s Candies … a true family tradition!

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810 Business Highway 61 North
Bowling Green, MO 63334 



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